Weekly Speed Test

As we all know, these days’ competitive exams are booming the education industry.These days several exams are being conducted by the government organizations like IBPS, SSC, Railway and many more.

With increasing number of government jobs, the aspirants applying for jobs are also enhancing at an alarming rate. Giving best is an utmost need of every candidates. The experts of Banco tried hard in providing best tips and study material to help the candidates aspiring for Bank Exam, SSC Exam, Railway Exam and Others.

We have come with basic preparatory strategy for the candidates to make them sharp in attempting all the questions. These are as follows:

Importance of Speed in Competitive Exams

For answering 200 questions in 2 hours, one very important factor is speed. Correctly answering questions creates a huge difference among the person who gets selected and the one who does not get selected.

  • We should always concentrate on certain speedy methods of calculations that will be useful in solving the question paper in a speedy manner.
  • Daily 15 to 20 minutes on basic steps of every methods and try to create short cuts to solve it quickly.
  • Avoid using calculating aids to enhance your calculation speed.
  • Regular practice of questions from every topic regularly and consciously in your day-to-day work also.
  • "Vedic Mathematics"- some methods are given for certain types of calculations which, If mastered, can help you immensely.